Barong Dance, Art Villages & Kintamani to view Volcano

A very enjoyable full day tour where you experience many things from the Balinese culture. A great opportunity to take some beautiful photos of the volcano. Please contact me for your special price.



  • Batubulan – this area is famous for the amazing stone carvings created by the locals. There are many carvings and statues for you to see and maybe purchase something to take home.







  • Barong Dance – this is the best place to witness the famous Balinese Barong dance. You will be seated undercover in an outdoor stage where you get a really great view of the dance and hear the music of the live gamelan.






  • Celuk silver – Celuk is very well known for its beautiful handmade silver jewelry. There is many items for you to look at and I will help you get a good price if you see something you would like to purchase.









  • Mas – you will be amazed when you personally get to watch the skilled local craftsmen who produce wonderful carvings from actual tree branches and roots.








  • Pura Puseh, Batuan – we get to visit a typical Balinese hindu temple. Very intricate stone carvings here including the inner courtyard deities and demons.









  • Kintamani with view of Volcano & lake Batur – you will see the still active volcano on Mount Batur that has erupted over 20 times since the year 1800! You will notice the cooler weather up here too. The panoranic view of the volcano and lake from here offer many wonderful photo opportunities. I will also point out the lakeside village called Trunyan where the dead are placed above the ground and all the skeletons remain in view!












    • Cocoa & Vanilla Plantations – everyone loves chocolate but few people have seen the actual plant that it comes from. Here we see the cocoa plantation which produces the seeds that are later made into chocolate.







  • Ceking village – we can stop along here to take some great photos of typical Balinese rice terraces.









  • Ubud- is┬áthe home of the Balinese art scene. Wander the streets of Ubud checking out the beautiful artworks by the local painters then take a look through the local markets which offer everything from local food to exotic Balinese homewares.