Hindu Temples & Kintamani to view Volcano

A very spiritual tour which will show you some beautiful original temples, some thousands of years old. Please contact me for your special price.



  • Goa Gajah- the sacred “Elephant Cave” is located near the town of Bedulu. We can enter this holy cave carved out by Hindu priests centuries ago, and inside we will see a Ganesha statue and stone carvings.






  • Gunung Kawi- a breathtaking 11th Century temple complex north east of Ubud on the river Pakrisan. One of the oldest and most religuos places in Bali. The tombs are carved out of the cliff face and are about 7 metres high!






    • Ceking – we can stop along here to take some great photos of typical Balinese rice terraces.








  • Tirta Empul- a highlight here is the large pool carved from stone, that has lots of koi fish. There are 12 fountains that supply the pool with the holy spring water.








  • Ubud- is the home of the Balinese art scene. Wander the streets of Ubud checking out the beautiful artworks by the local painters then take a look through the local markets which offer everything from local food to exotic Balinese homewares.







  • Pura Puseh, Batuan- we get to visit a typical Balinese hindu temple. Very intricate stone carvings here including the inner courtyard deities and demons.










  • Batur Temple (Ulun Danu Batur)- this replacement temple was built after the whole of Batur village was destroyed from the eruption of the volcano in 1927.








  • Kintamani with view of Volcano & Lake Batur – you will see the still active volcano on Mount Batur that has erupted over 20 times since the year 1800! You will notice the cooler weather up here too. The panoranic view of the volcano and lake from here offer many wonderful photo opportunities. I will also point out the lakeside village called Trunyan where the dead are placed above the ground and all the skeletons remain in view!