Eastern Bali – Full Day Tour

Please join with me on this full day tour of the East coast of Bali which I think you will find very enjoyable. If you have been to Bali before and done most of the more popular tours, I think you will see many new things about Bali on this tour. Please contact me for your special price.



  • Goa Lawah bat cave & temple – this small but very important temple is located in the limestone cliffs on the East coast of Bali. Behind the temple is a large cave which is home to thousands of bats. There is some very interesting legends here in this cave which I can explain when we visit.



  • Black Sand Beach - a beautiful place to visit near Candidasa is the black sand beach which will amaze you when you see the sand shimmering from the light.



    • Taman Tirta Gangga – here we visit a favorite place for many of my past clients. Tirta Gangga means “Water of the Ganges” and we can stroll around the stunning water palace and surrounding pools, with the rice terraces in the background. Lots of photo opportunity here!



  • Tenganan – this village is home to the “Bali Aga” peoples who are the descendants of the original Balinese. Tenganan remains a very original and traditional village. The villagers here will show you their specially prepared palm leaves strips (lontar) and amazing woven cloth (kamben gringsing).



  • Sidemen – here I show you my favorite place in Bali. Sidemen is a very peaceful area in one of the more rural area of East Bali. The scenery is stunning and if the sky is clear we will see some amazing views of Gunung Agung, Bali’s highest mountain. If you wish I can also show you the locally woven Batik cloths that this area is well known for.